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BeeBoo and Bee Booshop constitute the brand's trademark s and s protected with the Client has no authorization to use through rental services. These brands are exclusively operated by SAS METIS and / or its affiliates.


These Terms and Conditions of Use and Rental govern both the use of the website "BeeBoo" accessible at the URL and , and conditions applicable to the commercial relationship with the Customer.

The "BeeBoo" website is accessible to anyone interested in occasionally or unlimited rental of baby clothes and childcare items.

Any use of the "BeeBoo" website implies the unconditional acceptance by the user of the present conditions which he declares to have read and to have expressly accepted them by ticking, when connecting to the "BeeBoo" website, the box "I acknowledge having read the Terms of Use of the Site, understand them and declare accept them" reserved for this purpose.

Article 1. Terminology and definitions

" BeeBoo / BeeeBooshop "   : brands operated by SAS METIS, simplified joint stock companies with a capital of 1,000 euros, registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Toulouse under the number 842   474 439 , whose head office is located at 72 rue des rose 31240 Saint-Jean , VAT number: FR 59 842474439 - APE 4791B .

" Site" : this is the website and .

"Products" : these are the products that the Customer can rent through the Site.

" Withdrawal point "   : these are the premises of Beebooshop's authorized representatives , from whom the Customer withdraws the rented Products at the beginning of the lease and returns them there at the end of the lease.

"Customer" : it is the major consumer who rents Products through the Site , for his personal use , and in doing so declares and guarantees to fulfill all the following qualities and conditions:

·    He has the legal and financial capacity to contract   ;

·    He is fully entitled to use the payment card for the payment of his rent and in particular has at the validation of the lease, the necessary authorizations to use this method of payment.

Account: means the means by which the Identified User can access his My Account by identifying himself by means of an identifier and a password, which will have been chosen by him during his registration on the Site .

My Account : Refers to the space on the Site, accessible only to Identified Users through an Account, and in particular allowing them to rent clothes, access their personal information, their coupons, as well as the history and detail of their orders.

Holder of the Site: Designates the company METIS SAS registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Toulouse under the number 842   474,439 .

Website Host   : Company AMAZON WEB SERVICES, Inc. and affiliates, 410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210

User: Refers to any natural or legal person using the Site, including the Identified User.

Identified User: Refers to any natural or legal person holding an Account on the Site and using the Site.

Article 2 . products

Bee B oo leases for major and non-professional consumers for their personal use, via a withdrawal of points selected network acting on its behalf and for its c aking or by direct delivery to the Customer, the Juvenile and / or children's clothing presented on the Site, for a variable period according to the offer chosen by the Customer, and renewable, in the im lite of stocks available for rent . These products meet the standards in force on the French territory, and are in used condition.

Children's Apparel and Juvenile Products will be delivered in good condition after cleaning and repackaging .

The photographs presented on the website are not contractual .

Article 3 . Rental arrangements, rates and conditions for cancellation and retraction .

3.1. In this case, the Customer fills in or ticks on the Website and the fields corresponding to the parameters of the desired rental operation according to the following steps:

Step 1: Choice of the formula (pack or à la carte)

Step 2: Choosing clothes and / or childcare items and adding to the basket

Step 3: Create or identify the cli ent account

Step 4: Choosing the delivery method

Step 5   : Confirmation of the order

Step 6   : Payment of the order

Step 7   V ALIDATION by beeboo ordering and payment

Step 8   : Sending an e-mail summarizing the order

3.2. The applicable rate is the one mentioned in the rub America Rates of the site. It includes VAT (all taxes included) . They   may be changed at any time by Beebooshop , without delay.

3.3. The Customer must pay online, by credit card , the amount corresponding to the rental , regardless of the offer for which he has opted .

This regulation entails full and complete formation of the corresponding rental contract. The rental agreement includes (i) the present general conditions as well as (ii) the particular conditions agreed upon when renting on the Site and as shown on the invoice sent to the Customer after his order .

Beebooshop has implemented a secure online payment system that encrypts the capture and transmission of all Customer data (including names, addresses and credit card numbers) so that this information is protected when transmission.

The transaction is secure and SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) provided by the banking partner of Beebooshop , the company STRIPE .

For optimum safety, the customer is automatically redirected to the e th e website STRIPE to enter their credit card details (credit card number, expiration date and the visual cryptogram).

Beebooshop never has access to the Client's banking data and is only informed by its banking partner of the receipt of the Client's payment.

3.4. Right to retract   : e under the applicable law, the Customer has a period of 14 days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify reasons , or to pay penalties.   When this 14 day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it is extended until the next business day. The withdrawal period runs from the moment of online payment of the rental by the Customer.

By exception, this withdrawal period will not apply if the rental period begins during the 14 clear days.

Example : I reserve my product online   April 10   for a recovery date   April 17   ; the rental period being within the withdrawal period, it will not be possible   there is a refund.

In any event, after this period, the rental can no longer be canceled for any reason whatsoever, the amount paid remains acquired , in any case , to Beebooshop .

3.5. When the Customer arrives at the Point of Withdrawal to withdraw the rented Product, he must meet the following conditions in order to proceed with his withdrawal:

·        have first read the rules of use and security of the Product on the Site, the Customer agreeing to respect them in all respects;

·        give the personal withdrawal code which will have been transmitted by Beebooshop ;

·        pre Senter its identification,

3.6. Upon return of the Product, the Point of Withdrawal will check the condition of the Product with the Customer.

In this respect, in case:

·    failure to return the Product, for whatever reason, or

·    of return of the degraded or out of use product, and this, whatever the cause:

The Client will automatically be billed the amount corresponding to the totality of his deposit which will not be returned to him. The amount of the deposit corresponds to the purchase value of new product TTC.

By exception meaning limiting   : in case of simple dirt or scratch quite minor, it will see, automatically, bill and levy automatically, on the deposit, a lump sum of 20 euros by dirt or scratch.

3.7. In the event of late return of the Product, the Customer must pay a penalty of 15 euros per day of delay, all started day being due in its entirety, it being understood that a tolerance period of 30 minutes will be applied the expected return time. This amount will, if necessary by decision of the Point of withdrawal, levied automatically on the deposit.

In the event of return of the Advanced Product in relation to the agreed term of the rental period, the Customer will not be reimbursed the share of the rent of the Product corresponding to the rental period thus lost by the Customer.

3.8. beeboo   reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over the payment of a previous order or which would present to him a risk of fraud. It is the same when the order made by the Customer is for a destination address located abroad, since Beeboo does not make any delivery and / or delivery outside France.

Any order implies acceptance of prices and description of items available for sale. It also implies the acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

beeboo   undertakes to honor the orders received on the Website and www.beebooshop .com only within the limits of available stocks. In the absence of availability of one or more item (s) ordered,   beeboo   undertakes to inform the customer as soon as possible, and to offer him a replacement article.

Article 4. Use of Products - Liability

4.1. The Site Owner is held to a single obligation of means in connection with the provision of the Site and can not in any case be responsible for any loss, damage, direct or indirect damage, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from the management, use, operation, interruption or malfunction of the Site.

The User acknowledges that the Site Owner can not in any way guarantee that the Site will meet performance requirements or that it will work without discontinuity or bug.

If the Site Holder notices the existence of a malfunction or bug related to the Site or any of its elements, or if it is informed by a User, then the Site Holder will his best efforts to correct these malfunctions or bugs.

The rented clothes and / or childcare items are new or in a good condition. They do not present any task or tear or break. In case of work or tearing or breakage during the delivery and reported within 24 hours to Beebooshop and before any use, the garment and / or childcare article will be replaced immediately, at no cost to the tenant customer.

4. 2. In all cases, the Customer has custody and responsibility for products he took the Ocation from their r emitted into his hands by the withdrawal or delivery point at home (or in the hands any third party acting on behalf of the Client, provided that it presents a written mandate and signed in due form), until their return.

4.3. The Customer undertakes to use the Products made available to him in "   a good family's father   As if it were his own materials. It undertakes imperatively to read the conditions of their use which appear on the Website and , and to respect them in all points, in particular those relating to the hygiene and the which are particularly important to him in view of the importance of their respect for people and Products. In particular, he undertakes to comply with the cleaning instructions recommended by Beeboo .

The Customer must at all times, in all places and under his exclusive responsibility, ensure by all means adapted the protection of the rented products against theft and against damage and dirt of any kind (use of a lock in public places   ; storage in clean, healthy, lockable premises   ; adequate protection against bad weather, projections and dirt of all kinds   ; etc.).

The Customer shall ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the Products placed at his disposal and will take care of any useful cleaning in order to return them in the state in which they were given to him.

In this regard, in any case, in the absence of a reservation issued by the Customer and / or by the Point of withdrawal to the withdrawal of the Product by the Customer, the Product will be deemed to have been returned to the Customer in perfect condition of use and clean.

The Customer will be solely responsible for any damage that it causes due to its faults or its negligence in the use of the rented Products, or if it diverted them from their usual use. The Customer may not modify, modify or modify the Products; he must return them complete and including all their possible accessories.

The Customer will be fully responsible for the respect of the general and particular conditions of the rental by the persons with whom and for which he will be led to use the rented Products, including his friends and relatives, his spouse and his children, which he is strong.

4.4. The Customer may not sell, give or make available to anyone the Products that are rented to him, nor more generally charge them or let them charge any right for the benefit of anyone.

4.5. The tenant agrees to return to BeeBoo all clothing and / or childcare items rented within one month of the date of contractual return, and in the absence of renewal . In the event of complete or partial non-return of the pack and / or products, BeeBoo will charge an amount corresponding to the new value of the products not returned, less the proportional value. corresponding to the rental period , including taxes, to the tenant. This debit authorization serves as a deposit.

In the event of non-partial return of the pack , BeeBoo will deduct the residual value of the item of clothing and / or childcare article (value deducted from the rental period).

Article 5 . Shipping and delivery of orders

Products purchased and rented on   and are delivered at first only in France, only .

The times indicated during the ordering are usual average times and correspond to the time of treatment of shipment to which is added the time of routing. The products are delivered in pre-defined relay points chosen by the customer when ordering, or to the address indicated by the C binding according to the chosen delivery option. BeeBoo can not be held responsible for the consequences of late delivery.

Any order not shipped within 30 days of ordering on   and will be canceled unless stipulated otherwise and announced in the offer of sale.

Orders are processed from Monday to Friday excluding holidays. Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing by the company, the delivery of the ordered products is done by the delivery of the products in France, at the place designated by the customer when ordering.

The products are sent via Relais Colis from France, or directly through BeeBoo. In all cases, the maximum delays vary from 3 to 7 days from receipt of payment and depending on the city. BeeBoo will in no way be held responsible for the consequences of late delivery by one of the subcontractor deliverers .

The company will be relieved of its obligation to deliver in case of force majeure within the meaning of Article 1218 of the Civil Code .

Article 6. My Account

Access to My Account by the User and Client requires to have a v n the staff.

To create an Account, the User and Client must:

-           Have a valid e-mail address and provide the Site Holder with truthful and accurate information.

-           Choose a password consisting of letters and numbers.

-           Communicate accurate information regarding the identity and domicile of the User and Customer.

The User is solely responsible for the activity of his Account. At no time shall the User disclose the password of his Account to a third party, including a third party who claims to be the Site Owner, the Site Owner never taking the initiative, for any reason it is to contact the User to ask for his password.

If the User reveals his password to a third party whether it is another User or any other person whatsoever, the Site Holder will delete the User Account under the conditions referred to in article 11 present .

If the User loses his username and / or password, he must then contact the Site Owner by clicking on the link "I forgot my username and / or password". After having followed all the instructions provided by the Site Owner to obtain a new username and / or a new password, the User will receive on the e-mail address that he provided during the creation of his Account his new identifier and / or his new password that he can customize later from the Site.


7.1. To gain access to the Site, the User is prohibited from any behavior that could affect the image of the Site Owner or one or more other Users.

More specifically, the Identified User is prohibited from:

-           To use a username or an avatar that is vulgar, aggressive, abusive or even defamatory;

-           To attempt to obtain from another Identified User information relating to his Account, such as his username and / or password, or information relating to his personal life;

More generally, the User is prohibited:

-           To impersonate a third party, another User or to impersonate an employee or representative of the Site Owner;

-           To resort to hacking, spamming, fishing , flooding , crawling , scraping or any other malicious action against the Site Owner and other Users.

7.2 . Each Identified User has the possibility to publish his comments on the Site provided that he does not violate the rights of third parties (right of privacy, intellectual property). In this respect, he discharges   beeboo   any responsibility for its publications and this from the first use. By transmitting to   beeboo   its information, it recognizes all the exclusive rights of use relating to time, space and content without any restriction including for the transmission to third parties that is necessary for the publication and dissemination of information on the Site.   beeboo   reserves the right to store, publish, delete, reduce, modify or correct said content without being obliged to do so.


The Site as well as each of the elements that compose it including the graphic charter, data, software, texts, logos of the Site, are protected by the law of intellectual property, namely in particular the copyright, the right of the drawings and models and / or trademark law.

The Site and each of the elements that compose it are the exclusive property of the Site Owner. The Site Holder grants to the User a right of private and non-exclusive use of the Site and this, in accordance with the stipulations of these Conditions.

Any other use of the Site or one of its elements constitutes an infringement of rights and sanctioned as such under the Code of Intellectual Property, except with the express prior consent of the Site Owner .

ARTICLE 9. Cookies and cookies

Certain pages of the Site may use cookies, the purpose of which is to access information stored in the User's login terminal and in particular to record information relating to the navigation on the Site, and to store information that the User has entered when connecting.

The retention period of the information thus collected is thirteen months from the insertion of the corresponding cookie.

The User has the opportunity to oppose the registration of these cookies by configuring his computer.


The Site Owner may consider it necessary to update or reset certain parameters of the Site and its elements. Thus, the Site Holder reserves the right to change the Site, including by providing new features, or by modifying or removing certain features.

These updates, resets, evolutions may temporarily prevent the User from accessing the Site and / or causing a modification of the architecture of the Site and its elements, which the User expressly acknowledges, the responsibility of the Site Owner can not be engaged in this respect.


The Site Owner reserves the right to suspend or delete the Account of any Identified User that does not comply with these Terms or applicable laws and regulations.

Any suspension or deletion of the Account will be notified to the Identified User by email sent to the email address that will have been previously communicated by the Identified User when registering on the Collaborative Space.

In addition, the Site Holder reserves the right to take legal action directly against the identified Identifying User in order to obtain compensation for any prejudice he or she may suffer as a result.

Conditions specific to subscription offers

Article 1 . Presentation of the subscription offer

The subscription offer to BeeBoo consists of the possibility of choosing each month a definite number of parts throughout the site and   for a fixed monthly price.

BeeBoo offers several subscription offers   as described in the tariff section accessible on the website and

The subscription to the BeeBoo subscription is made exclusively on the site and .

Article 2. GETTING IN TERMS of work DE subscription

The subscription starts when the first order is validated.

The creation of a customer account is necessary.

ARTICLE 3 . Payment of the subscription

Subscriptions are tacitly renewed each month. To each of the offers corresponds a cost as displayed on the site and   at the time of order.

By accepting the offer, the Customer expressly authorizes a withdrawal of an amount defined at the time of the Order. Thus, after the payment corresponding to the first period, the Customer will be deducted from the sum defined automatically for each new period during the whole Subscription Period.

The levy is carried out each month at the initial subscription date (for a subscription on March 3rd, renewals will be scheduled on April 3rd, May 3rd, etc. ). It will be possible to count 3 days of shift according to the calendar vagaries (months of 28, 30 or 31 days) and the banking necessities.

ARTICLE 4. Suspension of subscription

The Customer may suspend his subscription at any time by visiting the "   my account ". The suspension causes non-payment of the next installments until reactivation. When a subscription is suspended, the Customer no longer benefits from its preferential rate.

ARTICLE 5. Termination of the subscription and / or OPTION TO BUY

5.1. The Customer can , at any time , put an end to the automatic renewal of his subscription by logging in the "my account" section of the site and . Termination may also result from BeeBoo's decision. The Customer will then be informed via an email sent to the address he has entered on his account.

In both cases, from the date of termination, the Customer will no longer be subject to an automatic levy from BeeBoo, and access to preferential rates for subscribers will be withdrawn at the end of the current period. .

5.2. Purchase option   T out customer has the option to purchase the leased product, a residual value corresponding to the new value derived from the value of the rental period by the customer.

If a customer wishes to activate his purchase option, he must send his request to .

Article 6 . Contact

For an information request, before or after the order, the Customer can contact the customer service of Beebooshop via e adress   email: contact @ , or at the following postal address   : 72 rue de roses 31240 St. John .

Article 7 . Evidence of the lease

The exchanged e-mails as well as the data recorded by the automatic registration systems used on the Site will constitute proof, in particular of the object and the date of the hiring.

Article 8 . Protection of Personal Data

8 .1. BEEBOOSHOP undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the personal data communicated on the Site , and to treat them in the respect of the law Informatique et Libertés n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 and the European regulation of the protection of the personal data (RGPD) .

8 2. Information and transmitted personal data are subject to a data processing and may be used by the internal services of BEEBOOSHOP, subcontractors and business partners to:

·    Processing, execution and management of orders   ;

·    The processing of requests for information, complaints and / or retractions   ;

·    Inform the Customer of upcoming sales and events   ;

·    Improve and personalize the services offered and the information sent to the Customer, in particular through prospecting actions, sending of newsletters or special offers   ;

·    The processing of requests for information via the contact form.

BEEBOOSHOP also retains this information and data for security purposes in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.

The information and personal data collected may be the subject of a computer processing intended for the internal statistical and commercial use of BEEBOOSHOP or that of its commercial partners, without any prospection and except, of course, express refusal of the Customer's share for a legitimate reason,

Depending on the choices made by the Customer during the creation or consultation of his / her Client Account, the Client may decide to receive BEEBOOSHOP offers or be informed of particular operations by e-mails ("opt-in").

In the event that the Customer does not wish to receive these offers, he can at any time make the request by clicking on an electronic link available for this purpose on emails or by modifying his account directly on the Site ("opt -out ").

BEEBOOSHOP undertakes not to communicate the Customer's information to third parties other than its commercial partners and subcontractors responsible for the management, execution, processing, delivery, payment and / or monitoring of orders. BEEBOOSHOP may however be required to provide this data in response to an order from the legal authorities.

In compliance with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 and the RGPD , the Customer has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete his personal data. This right can be exercised at any time by sending a request via the online contact form or to the BEEBOOSHOP address above , indicating his name, first name, address, and, if possible, his customer number.

BEEBOOSHOP specifies that the information identified by an asterisk is essential for the processing of orders or requests for information. If all of this data is not complete and accurate, BEEBOOSHOP may not be able to process the order or request for information.

The computer processing of your personal data has been declared to the CNIL, in compliance with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978.

Article 9 . Cases of force majeure and others

The performance of all or part of BEEBOOSHOP's obligations will be suspended in the event of a force majeure, a fortuitous event, or by third parties, which interferes with or delays its execution.

This is particularly the case in situations of war, riots, insurrection, social unrest, weather, strikes, interruption of the operation of the Internet or LA POSTE services.

BEEBOOSHOP will inform the Client of the occurrence of such a case within 7 days of its occurrence. In the event that the suspension of the bonds continues beyond a period of 30 days, the Customer will have the possibility to cancel the current renting and BEEBOOSHOP will proceed to its refund.

Article 10 . The itige

The law applicable to the contract is French law.

The Customer has the possibility, before any legal action to resort to a procedure of conventional mediation or any other alternative way of settling disputes in order to seek an amicable solution.